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TigerWoods had enjoyed more than 120 affairs

Naked Tiger Woods pictures

In China, it has been the year of the tiger. And 2010 was no different on this side of the world, as the golf star hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The full extent of Tiger Woods’s infidelity was revealed after a car crash at the end of last year.

It was later claimed he had enjoyed more than 120 affairs, as woman after woman came forward with X-rated texts and tales.

The sportsman carted himself off to sex rehab before his wife walked out on him in August – with a reported £38million in her pocket.

While Tiger was the most prolific cheat of the year, the biggest split on this side of the Atlantic belonged to Cheryl and Ashley Cole.

The X Factor star finally pulled the plug when the Chelsea player featured in some incriminating sex text pics.

The game was up when five women came forward to reveal they’d had a little bit of Ashley.

The Girls Aloud star fled to the US and put the divorce papers in the post. Joining Cole in the sin bin was his club captain, John Terry, after a court injunction was lifted to reveal claims the married England skipper had slept with team-mate Wayne Bridge’s ex, Vanessa Perroncel, who denied the affair.

Wayne Rooney was the next big name to fall, when it was alleged the Manchester United striker cheated on wife Coleen with two prostitutes while she was pregnant with their son.

And a third England striker tripped up in the summer, after it was revealed Peter Crouch had done the dirty on Abigail Clancy with an £800 prostitute in Madrid.

But it wasn’t just randy footballers caught with their pants down. Doe-eyed Take That singer Mark Owen confessed to enjoying ten affairs and being an alcoholic.

He checked in to rehab in March and was taken back by his wife, Emma Ferguson, despite a lengthy fling with charity worker Neva Hanley.

Pop rivals Boyzone were also hit. Squeakyclean Ronan Keating turned out to be a rat when doting wife Yvonne unearthed an affair with dancer Francine Cornell.

After a string of grovelling public apologies, it looks like Keating might just save his 12- year marriage.

Another ‘clean-cut’ husband in the doghouse was Family Fortunes host Vernon Kay, who admitted sending filthy messages to a string of women behind Strictly host Tess Daly’s back.

Sex texts also landed comedian Jason Manford in trouble. The presenter’s new job on The One Show ended after he admitting getting ‘a bit saucy’ with some girls on Twitter and Skype while his wife was expecting their baby.

Back in Hollywood, and Sandra Bullock was rocked when her hubby, Jesse James, was exposed for sleeping with tattooed vixen Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee in his bike shed.

The bad news came hours after Bullock celebrated her first Oscar win in March.

And it wasn’t just the fellas who couldn’t control themselves, as Liz Hurley was busted enjoying a 48-hour dirty weekend with cricket great – and notorious ladies’ man – Shane Warne.

Assange signs book deals worth over £1m

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says he is reluctantly writing his autobiography becasue he has to defend himself.
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says he is reluctantly writing his autobiography becasue he has to defend himself

(FT)-Julian Assange has signed book deals worth more than £1m in the US and UK, to allow the WikiLeaks founder to cover his legal fees and maintain the whistleblowing site.

He will be racing a disgruntled former colleague to release an autobiography telling his side of the WikiLeaks story. Both books are to be published by divisions of Random House next year.

Mr. Assange is fighting allegations of sexual assault in Sweden while trying to continue the gradual release of thousands of US diplomatic cables through WikiLeaks.

Released on bail by the British high court in mid-December, he spent Christmas wearing a tracking tag, confined to a friend's mansion home in East Anglia.

The U.S. administration, which has been angered and embarrassed by successive leaks of its foreign-policy secrets through WikiLeaks, is believed to be exploring ways to prosecute Mr Assange.

The controversy did not dissuade readers of Time magazine voting Mr. Assange their "person of the year" for his campaign for freedom of information and radical transparency from governments.

He has agreed an $800,000 (£520,000) contract with Knopf, a US imprint of Random House, the Bertelsmann-owned publisher, and another £325,000 deal for the UK with Canongate, an independent publishing house based in Edinburgh.

But although the deals are expected to net Mr. Assange more than £1.1m ($1.7m) after the book is sold in other countries and serialised in newspapers around the world, Mr. Assange said he had agreed to write his autobiography only reluctantly.

"I don't want to write this book, but I have to," he told the Sunday Times. "I have already spent £200,000 for legal costs and I need to defend myself and to keep WikiLeaks afloat."

Mr. Assange did not describe how he would divide the proceeds from his autobiography between his own personal legal costs and the operational funds required by WikiLeaks, which he has described as a large and distributed organisation that is not solely reliant on him.

WikiLeaks' operational costs have more than tripled since it drew up budgeting plans at the beginning of the year, due to the increased scope of information it has reviewed and published. Before "cablegate", it released huge amounts of files about the Iraqi and Afghan wars.

The whistleblowing site relies largely on donations from individuals, but had its fund-raising channels curtailed after several U.S. financial services firms stopped processing payments to its account.

Bank of America, MasterCard, Visa and PayPal have all stopped directing funds to WikiLeaks in recent weeks. They deny Mr. Assange's accusations that the actions were politically motivated. Mr. Assange's Swiss bank has also frozen his account.

Last week, Daniel Domscheit-Berg, a former WikiLeaks spokesman, announced he would publish a tell-all book next year about his time with the site.

Crown Publishing, another division of Random House, will release "Inside Wikileaks: My Time with Julian Assange at the World's Most Dangerous Website" in 14 countries in February.

The author, who called himself Daniel Schmitt when he worked at WikiLeaks, fell out with Mr. Assange over the running and strategic priorities of the site.

He has said that the allegations of Mr. Assange's sexual misconduct would be better handled privately and have become a burden to WikiLeaks.

Pakistani officials: Latest suspected drone attack kills 10

A file photograph of a U.S. Predator drone -- six militants were killed by a suspected U.S. drone strike in Pakistan.
A file photograph of a U.S. Predator drone -- six militants were killed by a suspected U.S. drone strike in Pakistan.

Peshawar, Pakistan (CNN) -- Two suspected U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan's tribal region Tuesday killed 10 alleged militants, intelligence officials said.

Based on a CNN count, Tuesday's strikes raises the number of such attacks to 110 this year, compared with 52 in all of 2009.

The first strike occurred in North Waziristan, one of seven districts in Pakistan's volatile tribal region bordering Afghanistan, where unmanned aircraft missiles targeting militants have spiked in recent weeks.

The drones fired two missiles on a militant hideout in the area of Ghulam Khan, two Pakistani intelligence officials told CNN. Later, a suspected drone circled around the blast site and fired two more missiles. Six suspected militants were killed.

The second attack was on an alleged militant vehicle in the same area, killing four more alleged militants.

The Pakistani intelligence officials asked not to be named because they were not authorized to speak to the media.

The first strike Tuesday occurred less than 40 kilometers (24 miles) from two suspected drone strikes on Monday, which killed at least 18 people.

On December 17, three separate drone strikes killed at least 57 people, a record for one day. All the deaths were in the Tirah Valley area of the Khyber Agency, north of North Waziristan.

Intense drone activity in Pakistan's tribal region has moved northward, mirroring the movement of suspected militants as they try to flee the targeted strikes, a senior Pakistani military official told CNN last week.

The United States does not officially confirm that it has unmanned aircraft firing missiles at terror targets in Pakistan, but it is the only country in the region known to have the capability to do so.

Iran executes man as Israeli spy, hangs opposition group member

In Washington, supporters of the People's Mujahedeen of Iran denounce the hanging of opposition prisoner Ali Saremi.
In Washington, supporters of the People's Mujahedeen of Iran denounce the hanging of opposition prisoner Ali Saremi.

(CNN) -- Iran has hanged a man convicted of spying for Israel and also executed another man who was a member of a government opposition group, state-run media reported Tuesday.

The executions took place at Tehran's Evin Prison at dawn Tuesday.

Ali-Akbar Siadat was sentenced to death for working as a spy for Israeli intelligence. The Islamic Republic News Agency said Siadat admitted to transferring information to Israel over several years in exchange for $60,000.

He was arrested in 2008 while trying to leave Iran along with his wife, the news agency said.

A second man, Ali Saremi, was hanged for "fighting against the sacred Islamic Republic of Iran system and launching antagonist propagations," the agency reported.

He was a member of People's Mujahedeen of Iran, also known as the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization, which has opposed the Iranian government for decades.

Tehran considers the group to be a terrorist outfit, as does the United States. The European Union does not.

Members of a European Parliament group, Friends of a Free Iran Intergroup, condemned Saremi's execution Tuesday, calling it "another crime for which the mullahs will be held to account when freedom is finally restored to that beleaguered nation."

The group also demanded that Iranian leaders "be tried in the International Court of Justice for crimes against humanity."

Ubat KUAT: Lelaki usia 110tahun nak kahwin

AHMAD menunjukkan kad pengenalannya bagi membuktikan tarikh lahirnya semalam.

ALOR SETAR - Anda mungkin terkejut apabila seorang warga emas yang berusia lebih 100 tahun masih berkeinginan untuk berkahwin bagi mengubat kesunyian.

Biarpun mata kabur dan pendengaran kurang baik, namun Ahmad Md. Isa, 110, yang lahir pada 7 Oktober 1909 masih sihat dan mengingati kisah silamnya kelihatan bertenaga seolah-olah umurnya 70 tahun.

Beliau memberitahu, walaupun dia dijaga dengan baik oleh anak perempuannya, Fatimah, 64, namun dia masih berhajat untuk berumah tangga kerana mahukan teman untuk berkongsi hidup.

"Saya terasa sunyi tanpa teman. Tidur malam berasa takut, jika ada teman tidaklah berasa sunyi boleh bersembang dan bercerita kisah suka dan duka.

Terhidu GAS BERACUN: 5 maut tidur dlm KERETA

KERETA Kia Optima yang menjadi punca kematian lima remaja di sebuah hotel dekat Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Miami, Florida kelmarin.

MIAMI - Lima remaja mati akibat keracunan gas karbon monoksida berpunca daripada enjin kereta yang tidak dimatikan ketika ia diletakkan di sebuah garaj tertutup di bawah bilik motel penginapan mereka di Florida Selatan, lapor sebuah akhbar semalam.

Tragedi itu disedari oleh seorang pekerja Motel Presidente, tempat mereka menginap berhampiran Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Miami kelmarin.

Pekerja wanita itu menghubungi pihak berkuasa menerusi talian kecemasan 911 pada pukul 2 petang waktu tempatan.

Dia yang mengintai dari sebuah tingkap, melihat kelima-lima remaja itu terbaring dalam keadaan berpakaian lengkap.

Evans Charles, 19, Jonas Antenor, 18, Peterson Nazon, 17, dan Jean Pierre Ferdinand, 16, telah menyewa bilik motel berkenaan untuk menyambut hari jadi ke-19 rakan mereka, Juchen Martial.

Sebuah kereta Kia Optima merah yang dipinjamkan kepada mereka oleh seorang rakan dibiarkan dalam keadaan enjinnya hidup di dalam garaj berkenaan.

Enjin itu dihidupkan bagi mengecas bateri kenderaan tersebut. Mereka kemudian membiarkan pintu masuk dari garaj itu dalam bangunan hotel berkenaan terbuka yang menyebabkan gas karbon monoksida memenuhi tingkat atas di bilik mereka.

"Ini memang satu kemalangan yang tragis," kata seorang jurucakap polis Florida, Carl Zogby.

Rakan-rakan mereka yang lain yang berkumpul di luar hotel berkenaan berkata, mereka tidak mematikan enjin kereta itu untuk mengecas baterinya.

Enjin kenderaan itu masih hidup ketika polis tiba di tempat kejadian. Polis berkata, tiada alkohol, dadah atau barangan lain yang mencurigakan ditemui di dalam bilik hotel penginapan mereka. - Agensi

ASN naik 0.8sen : 5.2sen seunit ke 6 sen seunit

AHMAD SARJI (kiri) dan Hamad Kama Piah menunjukkan kadar agihan pendapatan ASN di Kuala Lumpur semalam.

KUALA LUMPUR - Permodalan Nasional Bhd. (PNB) mengumumkan pengagihan pendapatan Skim Amanah Saham Nasional (ASN) sebanyak enam sen seunit untuk tahun kewangan berakhir 31 Disember 2010.

Agihan pendapatan tersebut merupakan peningkatan sebanyak 0.80 sen seunit berbanding tahun lalu iaitu sebanyak 5.20 sen seunit.

Pengerusi PNB, Tun Ahmad Sarji Abdul Hamid berkata, pihaknya memperuntukkan pembayaran sebanyak RM89.88 juta sebagai bayaran agihan pendapatan ASN bagi tahun semasa.

Pembayaran tersebut melibatkan 1.18 juta pemegang unit yang melanggan 1.5 bilion unit ASN.

"Prestasi ASN sepanjang tahun kewangan berakhir 31 Disember 2010 adalah lebih baik berbanding tahun sebelum," katanya pada majlis pengumuman pengagihan pendapatan ASN 2010 di sini semalam.

Turut hadir pada majlis itu ialah Presiden dan Ketua Eksekutif PNB, Tan Sri Hamad Kama Piah Che Othman.

Israeli authorities deny Palestinian prisoners access to lawyers

Palestinian held by Israeli soldiers
A Palestinian man sits blindfolded under guard of Israeli troops. He is unlikely to receive any legal advice before signing a confession.

Palestinian detainees are systematically denied the right to meet a lawyer during interrogations by Shin Bet, the Israeli internal security service, according to a report published today by an Israeli and a Palestinian rights group.

The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel (PCATI) and the Palestinian Prisoners' Club say detainees from the occupied West Bank are cut off from the rest of the world in Israeli detention facilities. The report also cited cases of "systematic violence" and torture.

Between 70% and 90% of the detainees in the years 2005 to 2007 were not allowed to meet a lawyer able to provide advice and assistance prior to signing a confession, say the organisations. The average time prisoners represented by the group were isolated from the outside world was 16.7 days. Irit Ballas, a lawyer and one of the report's authors, said the situation has remained the same for the past three years. "The information we receive from our lawyers tells us that the incommunicado detention has not decreased," he said.

Shin Bet refuses to reveal the number of detainees who had no access to legal services. Asked about the report, the agency said: "One of the tools, used in accordance with the law, is the authority to prevent meetings with a lawyer for a period of time established within the law." Shin Bet added: "The accusation that denying access to lawyers was being used to prevent the monitoring of 'mental and physical abuse' is completely baseless."

In Israel, the legal period for detention in isolation is 48 hours for so-called regular violations and up to 21 days for "security" violations. In cases where military law applies, it can reach 90 days.

"All the detainees who testified reported grave negative consequences of being held incommunicado, emphasising the feelings of fear, helplessness, confusion and despair," says the 67-page report.

The document lists other forms of ill-treatment during the interrogation: "painful and prolonged shackling to a chair, painful cuffing of the hands, sleep deprivation, repeated threats to harm the detainee and his family, the conditioning of meeting an attorney with confession, giving of false information to the detainee and intentional deception of the detainee".

The report reproduces, among others, the testimony of Ziad Shanti, 32, from Qalqilya in the West Bank, who was arrested in October 2006 while walking down the street with his friends. He was seriously injured during the arrest by two bullets. He was forbidden contact with his family or with a lawyer for 40 days, even during his stay in hospital and later while in a cell with no windows.

"I asked [repeatedly] for them to inform my mother that I am alive. The interrogator said he would allow this only after I confess … the interrogator took me to the interrogation room and shackled me to the chair with handcuffs. I stayed until 3am and was then returned to the isolation cell. Around 8am I was taken to interrogation."

The sessions were repeated for several days. Shanti confessed. He was sentenced to five and a half years in prison for stealing a truck and harbouring activists from the al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades.

Santa Clause Di Malam Krismas :-P

CAHAYA ganjil berwarna oren muncul di langit Napier, Taranaki dan Christchurch di New Zealand pada Ahad lalu.

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand - Satu cahaya ganjil berwarna oren dan merah muncul di langit Napier, Taranaki dan Christchurch, lapor akhbar dalam talian semalam.

Laporan kemunculan imej itu pada hari kedua selepas Krismas mencetuskan misteri sehingga terdapat spekulasi bahawa ia mungkin objek terbang tidak dikenali (UFO).

Bagaimanapun, Persatuan Astronomi Canterbury yakin bahawa ia merupakan cahaya dari satelit.

Di Hawara, Allan White dan keluarganya mengesan cahaya ganjil itu pada pukul 9.40 malam waktu tempatan Ahad lalu.

Mereka melihat imej ganjil itu selama lima minit dan ia kemudian hilang.

"Saya menganggap ia merupakan satu cahaya oren yang cerah di langit dan cahaya itu mula bergerak ke arah kami," kata White.

Menurutnya, ramai orang yang melihat imej itu menganggapnya sebagai UFO. Beberapa saksi dilaporkan menyuluh ke arah cahaya itu semasa ia bergerak di langit sebelum lenyap lima minit kemudian. - Agensi

Ribut sebelum perlawanan akhir

PENIAGA sibuk menjual barangan cenderamata Piala Suzuki AFF 2010 sebelum kawasan di sekitar Stadium Utama Gelora Bung Karno, Jakarta itu dilanda ribut semalam.

JAKARTA - Cuaca mendung bertukar menjadi gelap di Stadium Utama Gelora Bung Karno yang menjadi venue perlawanan akhir kedua Piala Suzuki AFF 2010 sekitar pukul 5 petang (waktu tempatan) kelmarin.

Akhbar Kompas melaporkan, angin kencang melanda stadium berkenaan dan kawasan sekitarnya beberapa minit kemudian.

Cuaca buruk yang melanda menyebabkan para peniaga yang menjual barangan cenderamata pertandingan di sekitar Stadium Utama Gelora Bung Karno tergesa-gesa membungkus barangan jualan masing-masing.

Terdapat peniaga-peniaga memungut barang jualan mereka yang terbang ditiup angin manakala penjual-penjual makanan pula menutup makanan mereka untuk mengelak daripada ditiup angin dan dibasahi hujan lebat yang turun tidak lama kemudian.

Sementara itu, di sebuah kantin di belakang Hotel Atlet Century berhampiran stadium berkenaan, angin kencang dan hujan lebat telah menyebabkan dua batang pokok tumbang.

Para pengunjung kantin yang tengah menjamu selera terkejut dan tergesa-gesa berlindung daripada tiupan angin kencang dan hujan lebat. - Agensi

Storm in Israel: Uncovers ancient statue

The white marble statue of a woman wearing a toga and sandals has no head or arms.
The white marble statue of a woman wearing a toga and sandals has no head or arms

Jerusalem -- A huge storm that collapsed part of a cliff on Israel's central coast led to the discovery of a statue dating back to the Roman period, the Israel Antiquities Authority said Tuesday.
The white marble statue of a woman wearing a toga and sandals is estimated to be 2,000 years old. It stands 1.2 meters tall, weighs about 200 kilograms and was found with no head or arms, according to a news release by the authority.
A person walking on the shore at Ashkelon on the coast west of Jerusalem made the discovery, the authority said.
"The statue fell into the sea when the ancient maritime cliff collapsed as a result of the storm," said Yigal Israel, the Ashkelon district archaeologist. "The collapse also ruined a bath house and mosaics that had been in the cliff for many hundreds of years."

The storm, one of the strongest Israel has experienced in recent years, brought winds of more than 100 kph that sent 10-meter waves crashing into Israel's coast.

Kenakalan "KEMBAR" Elyana MENGGAIRAHKAN!!!

KEMBAR? PELANDUK 2 SERUPA atau ELYANA SENDIRI??? Saksikan dulu dan buat penilaian anda sendiri... tidak baik menuduh tanpa bukti...


78d56032528e22044b81df2b4913fbfd Pesanan Sazzy Falak Ketika Lakukan Seks, Gunakan Kondom
Huhhh!!! Seks SELAMAT kalo guna KONDOM!
Elak AIDS!!!  Kalo tgk jea kempen kesedaran AIDS nie apa korang pikir dlm paler otak korang???

Kempen sebegini banyak keburukannya:

Di sini ak highlightkan 1 jea Keburukan: SEKS BEBAS

Terang lagi bersuluh.... Penyakit AIDS dan HIV kepada pelaku seks bebas ini adalah balasan daripada Allah kerana perbuatan mungkar mereka.


(Ini Dipetik dari laman OHBULAN!)

Ya! Sazzy Falak berpesan, kalau lakukan seks, gunakan kondom. Pesanan ini dibawa khas oleh Sazzy Falak serta rakan artis yang lain sempena kempen kesedaran AIDS anjuran
Mesej yang padat & ringkas ini amat relevan untuk semua bangsa, mencegah itu lebih baik daripada mengubati.

Diharapkan kaki seks tegar tersentak dan mengamalkan seks selamat. No condom, no play!

Kempen ini turut disertai oleh Erra Fazira, Sarima Ibrahim, Aisyah Sinclair, Sheila Majid & Ida Nerina yang membawa mesej tersendiri ketika sesi fotografi berlangsung. Enjoice!
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TURUN ke JALAN RAYA atau DIKELENTONG dalam Pilihan Raya!!!

"Esok Angkatan Muda Keadilan akan berkongres, tapi apakah kita akan mengutarakan usul - usul "mimpi tidur" yang mana kita akan ke Putrajaya.

Yang pasti impian "mimpi" ke Putrajaya adalah topik utama esok.Tapi apakah kita akan pasti merampas utrajaya melalui Pilihanraya adalah satu jalan mudah.Apakah yang mereka fikir mudah sungguh Najib akan melepaskan kerusi empuknya di Putrajaya andai Pakatan Rakyat Berjaya melepasi undi 2/3.

Apakah semudah itu UMNO yang selama 52 tahun yang menikmati kemewahan hasil dari memeras keringat Rakyat akan melepas satu - satunya takhta yang amat bernilai bagi mereka.Apakah mereka (UMNO) akan merelakan dirinya untuk di siasat dalam selcat parlimen malaysia atas segala penyelewengan mereka.Apakah banjingan - banjingan yang terlibat dalam kezaliman memali akan merelakan diri mereka di buru ke mana sahaja mereka pergi.

Kejayaan dalam tsunami 8 March 2008 hanya sekadar satu kesempatan yang di peroleh hasil dari "kelembapan" Pak Lah dalam mengemudi UMNO dan Barisan Nasional dan Pak Lah juga terkenal dengan nama mat ngantok.Tapi kini regim telah bertukar tangan,Najib a.k.a Mat Monggol bersama Rosmah Puaka kini mengcengkam kukunya dalam pentadbiran malaysia hari ini.

Apakah Rosmah mahu kenikmatan bershopping itu hilang buat selama - lamanya dan di ganti dengan Penjara yang indah di Kajang atau Sungai Buloh.Jawapannya pasti tidak dan mereka takkan membenarkan Pakatan memintas mereka untuk menguasai Putrajaya dengan begitu mudah.Maka berbagai taktik kotor dan kezaliman akan di lakukan agar Pakatan takkan ke Putrajaya Meskipun Mandat Rakyat adalah 100%.

Namun Pilihanraya seperti mana yang kita ketahui bukan lah medium yang akan memberi kemenangan untuk PKR dan Pakatan Rakyat.Apakah kita sedar bahawa pilihanraya telah di manipulasi oleh UMNO dan Barsian Nasional sejak 52 tahun kita merdeka.Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya itu adalah Barua Siapa?

Mungkin kita masih ingat lagi pada kali terakhir kita menang dalam pilihanraya kecil di sibu sarawak.Pada saat rakyat sibu telah memberikan Majoriti sebanyak 3000 undi kepada calon DAP yang bertanding di Sibu Sarawak maka kita pun takkan hairan bagaimana B-End Boleh memintas Undi DAP dalam masa satu Jam pada pukul 8.15 malam kerana pada ketika ini peratusan mengundi telah pun menurun.

Kita pun sudah maklum aparat apakah yang telah di lakukan oleh SPR untuk memastikan kemenangan B-end walaupun mandat berpihak pada Pakatan Rakyat.Andai Pakatan menang 3000 undi maka undi "reserve" akan di keluarkan untuk beri kemenangan untuk B-End,tapi selepas itu DAP ada lagi kelebihan majoriti 300 undi maka pengumuman keputusan PRK sibu di lengahkan seboleh mungkin.Andai DAP tidak Paksa SPR mengumumkan keputusan sudah tentu mereka akan mengistiharkan kemenangan itu berpihak pada BN walaupun Mandat adalah Milik DAP.

Segala - gala institusi yang ada di malaysia ini tak kira kehakiman,legaslatif,keselamatan dan juga pilihanraya semuanya adalah milik UMNO dan B-end.UMNO akan mengharamkan apa sahaja yang boleh mengubah keadaan dan landskap politik negara ini kecuali pilihanraya kerana pilihanraya tak boleh mengubah apa - apa.

Masih ingat lagi dengan Parti Komunis Malaya dan Parti Kebangsaan Melayu Malaya.Tidak kah kita pelik sebelum Perang Dunia kedua Parti Komunis Malaya tidak di haramkan oleh British malah British menjemput lagi Komunis - Komunis ini untuk menjadi tenaga pengajar di sekolah 101.Pada ketika jepun menyerang Malaya British lari meninggalkan Malaya dan PKM lah yang berjuang di dalam hutan menentang Jepun demi Nusa dan Bangsa.

Jepun melabelkan Parti Komunis Malaya sebagai pengganas kerana menjalankan usaha penentangan melalui pertempuran drastik di dalam hutan menentang Jepun dan usaha merampas kembali Malay dari Jepun.Seharusnya Parti Komunis Malaya di iktiraf sebagai pahlawan negara dan bukannya pengkhianat kerana berjuang menentang jepun dan menyelamatkan anak - anak gadis jepun dari terus menjadi hamba nafsu tentera jepun.

Namun apabila British kembali ke Malaya maka PKM dan PKMM yang di lihat begitu Radikal untuk memperjuangkan kemerdekaan "tanpa Syarat" dan rundingan diharamkan kerana mereka akan mengubah situasi politik yang selama ini di kawal oleh British dan UMNO.Hanya kemerdekaan yang di capai melalui syarat untuk melindungi kepentingan British sahaja di benarkan melalui UMNO.Oleh itu Komunis dan PKMM yang di lihat mampu mengubah keadaan di haramkan.

Masih ingat lagi!!!

Pada tahun 1969 Mahasiswa - mahasiswa seperti Syed Hamid Ali, Khong Kim Hoong dan Yoong Suan telah turun berkempen dalam pilihanraya Umum.Sebanyak 13 rapat umum diadakan dengan kehadiran 100,000 orang rakyat menunjukkan betapa besar pengaruh gerakan pelajar di kalangan rakyat sehingga pimpinan Mahasiswa tidak dibenarkan ke negeri Pantai Timur.

Mahasiswa Dalam manifestonya memperjuangkan isu-isu masyarakat seperti hak-hak demokrasi, perpaduan nasional, reformasi pelajaran, kesihatan, gaji minimun, reformasi pertanian dan dasar luar .Mahasiswa telah turun padang dalam kempen pilihanraya 1969 dengan mengadakan rapat umum secara besar-besaran di bandar-bandar utama seperti Kuala Lumpur, Klang, Ipoh dan Petaling Jaya.

Hasil dari usaha Mahasiswa menyebabkan PERIKATAN UMNO-MCA-MIC telah tewas Dalam pilihanraya umum 1969 PERIKATAN telah tewas dalam banyak kawasan Parlimen dan Dewan Undangan Negeri-Negeri dan pilihanraya ini merupakan pilihanraya yang paling getir bagi sejarah PERIKATAN yang membawanya kepenghujung kewujudannya.

Di Selangor Dato Harun Idris hampir gagal menubuhkan kerajaan PERIKATAN Selangor kerana kekurangan kerusi yang dimenangi. Kerajaan negeri Selangor hanya boleh menubuhkan Kerajaan negeri kerana campur tangan DYMM Sultan Selangor mengikut peruntukan Perlembagaan Negeri.

Jika keadaan yang sama berlaku pada pilihanraya yang akan datang ini,ianya tidak akan dapat berbuat apa-apa kerana peruntukkan perlembagaan itu telah dipinda pada tahun 1993 dahulu semasa krisis perlembagaan yang negara hadapi semasa itu.

Semenjak pilihanraya umum Persekutuan diadakan selepas mencapai kemerdekaan, PERIKATAN yang ditunjangi oleh UMNO mendapat sokongan dari tiga kaum terbesar, Melayu, Cina dan India.

Orang Melayu dan UMNO semasa itu sangat rendah taraf ekonominya dan perbelanjaan pilihanraya dan urusan parti terpaksa bergantung kepada sumber kewangan dari orang Cina dan MCA.

Apabila orang Cina menarik sokongan kepada PERIKATAN, maka UMNO terkapai-kapai dan telah banyak kehilangan kerusi Parlimen dan kerusi Dewan-Dewan Undangan Negeri di seluruh negara.

MCA sendiri telah kecundang dalam banyak kerusi kerana pengundi-pengundi Cina telah memberikan sokongan kepada DAP dan sebuah parti yang baru ditubuhkan oleh Syed Husein Al-Atas iaitu parti Gerakkan.Dan kerana itu maka Mahasiswa telah di haramkan dari menyertai Politik dengan tergubalnya AUKU(Akta Univertsiti Dan Kolej Universiti).

Oleh itu janganlah bermimpi di siang hari si wahai pemuja - pemuja politik yang sedang lena di buai "mimpi" akan kenikmatan yang bakal dikecapi untuk menakluki Putrajaya melalui Pilihanraya.Pilihanraya adalah permainan bagi UMNO dan B-end yang di umpamakan bagai perlawanan Bola sepak.Padang permainan,pengadil,penjaga garisan termasuk peraturan perlawanan semuanya adalah Milik UMNO dan B-End.

Jadi apa yang mampu kita lakukan???

Ini yang pasti kita lakukan untuk merampas putrajaya


Sejarah telah menceritakan pada kita,tiada satu pun kerajaan yang zalim dalam dunia ini yang di tumbangkan melalui Pilihanraya tapi jangan pula babitkan seperti Jepun dan kerajaan mugabe di benua afrika.tapi di asia tenggara sendiri kita lihat sendiri apa jadi pada pemimpin pembangkang Aung San Suu Kyi yang menang dalam pilihanraya di mynmar,kemenangan itu akhirnya di batalkan oleh Junta.

Jadi sejarah telah bercerita pada kita bagaimanakah kerajaan - kerajaan Zalim ini di tumbangkan melalui Revolusi massa.Maka kita lihat dalam revolusi rakyat china yang di gerak kan oleh dr sun yat sen pada 1911 .


Dinasti Ching yang diasaskan orang Manchuria pada tahun 1644 telah menjadi amat lemah pada hujung abad ke-18. Pada tahun 1841, British yang berdendam kerana candu yang diimport dimusnahkan oleh pegawai tinggi China telah menyerang China. Tentera Dinasti Ching gagal mempertahankan negara, menyebabkan Pulau Hong Kong, Semenanjung Kowloon dan New Territories dijadikan tanah jajahan British pada tahun 1842, 1860 dan 1898 masing-masing.

Empress Dowager (Bonda maharaja) Cixi yang merupakan tok dalang kepada maharaja budak pada masa itu telah membina taman rekreasi mewah peribadi dengan peruntukan untuk memperkembangkan kapal-kapal tentera laut. Oleh yang demikian, dalam Peperangan Sino-Jepun 1895, tentera laut dengan peralatan yang uzur terpaksa menerima cabaran tentera laut Jepun yang moden. Akibatnya, tentera laut Dinasti Ching dihapuskan sama sekali, dan Taiwan dijadikan tanah jajahan Jepun.

di belakang sun yat sen adalah bendera China yang asal sebelum Revolusi Ke-2

Dr. Sun Yat-sen, seorang doktor perubatan, telah mengetahui bahawa kerajaan yang begini mesti digulingkan. Beliau menjelajah ke sana sini untuk mendapatkan sokongan ramai, termasuk Tokyo, London, Pulau Pinang, Singapura dan Honolulu. Di Pulau Pinang, Dr. Sun telah menerbitkan akhbar Kwong Wah Jit Poh, yang merupakan suratkhabar tertua di antara suratkhabar berbahasa Cina yang masih beroperasi di dunia kini.

Akhirnya, pada 10 Oktober 1911, revolusi telah bermula di kota Wuchang, dan diikuti dengan ledakan rakyat yang sama di seluruh negara. Akhirnya, pemerintah maharaja telah digulingkan dan digantikan dengan sistem republik. Pada 1 Januari 1912, Republic of China telah diasaskan, dan 10 Oktober ditetapkan sebagai hari kebangsaan untuk memperingati Kebangkitan Wuchang. Badan-badan yang ditubuhkan Dr. Sun pula distruktur semula dan dinamakan Kuomintang (Parti Nasionalis) dan menjadi pemerintah.


Sejarah membangkitkan akan Revolusi Bolsheviks di Russia yang menumbangkan Kekuatan Maharaja Tsar Nicholas II sehingga terbina Republik Sosialis Soviet yang amat di geruni di seluruh dunia.Seluruh kekuatan anak muda di gembleng untuk menyedarkan kaum buruh dan petani dalam menumbang Maharaja Tsar.

Akhirnya Anak - anak muda berjaya membawa golongan pekerja biasa, petani dan askar di Rusia mengambil alih pemerintahan di Rusia dan mengusir kerajaan Kerensky dan Maharaja Tsar yang pro-kapitalis dengan perjuangan berhari - hari mengepung Bandar Moscow.

Manakala Pada 23 Februari 1917, satu demonstrasi tercetus di ibu kota Petrograd yang dilakukan oleh penduduk yang beratur untuk makanan. Tindakan mereka ini diikuti oleh beribu-ribu pekerja wanita di kilang tekstil yang keluar dari kilang mereka sebagai memperingati Hari Wanita Antarabangsa tetapi sebenarnya mahu memprotes kekurangan bekalan roti. Mereka memanggil pekerja-pekerja lain untuk bersama mereka. Gerombolan wanita dan lelaki ini menuju ke jalan-jalan dan berteriak "Roti" dan "Beri kami roti!". Dua hari selepasnya, mogok ini merebak ke kilang-kilang dan kedai-kedai di seluruh negara.

Sabit Mewakili golongan petani dan Tukul Besi Mewakili Golongan Buruh Kasar

Pada 25 Februari, hampir semua industri dan perniagaan di Petrograd terpaksa ditutup. Pelajar, pekerja kolar putih dan guru juga menuju ke jalan-jalan dan perjumpaan awam untuk menunjukkan ketidakpuasan hati mereka. Ahli-ahli politik sedar akan masalah yang bakal menimpa. Mereka mengutuk kerajaan dan menuntut menteri bertanggungjawab. Duma, yang dianggotai golongan bangsawan, meminta Maharaja Tsar melepaskan kuasa .

Begitu lah sebuah kerajaan yang zalim di tumbangkan oleh Kuasa Anak - anak Muda di jalan - jalan raya.


Terdapat beberapa peristiwa pada tahun 1970-an yang menyebabkan tercetusnya revolusi. Antaranya ialah layanan mewah kerajaan kepada rakyat asing sedangkan ramai rakyat tempatan hidup melarat, kadar inflasi yang melonjak tinggi diikuti dengan jurang antara kaya dan miskin yang semakin besar, sikap sekularisme Shah Mohammad Reza dan juga dakwaan bahawa SAVAK merupakan punca kematian pemimpin Islam yang berfikiran moden, Ali Shariati dan juga penglibatan SAVAK dalam kematian putra Khomeini, Mostafa (di Tehran).

Pada Oktober 1971, terdapat sebuah sambutan untuk ke 2500 bagi meraikan pengasasan negara Parsi. Sambutan ini diadakan selama tiga hari di Persepolis dan tetamu-tetamunya hanyalah warga-warga asing. Ini merupakan sebuah pesta yang menelan belanja yang tinggi (dianggarkan menelan belanja sekurang-kurangnya $100 juta) Hidangan untuk pesta itu pula disediakan oleh tukang masak yang dibawa dari Paris. Pada masa yang sama, kawasan sekitar Persepolis iaitu wilayah Sistan dan Baluchestan mengalami kemarau yang teruk dan ramai penduduk di kawasan itu dan Iran umumnya hidup kelaparan.

Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi

Pada lewat 1974, berlaku peningkatan harga minyak di pasaran dunia. Namun begitu, kesannya kepada Iran adalah sebaliknya. Tahap inflasi melonjak naik dan jurang antara yang kaya dan miskin dan juga antara penduduk bandar dan luar bandar semakin besar. Lebih memburukkan keadaan, kerajaan Iran menghabiskan ratusan juta bagi membiayai pekerja-pekerja pakar asing dan juga membeli pelengkapan tentera daripada Amerika yang ternyata tidak berguna ketika itu dan ia satu pembaziran.

Pada tahun 1976, jentera kerajaan Shah menaikkan kemarahan penduduk Islam Iran kerana mengubah kalender Iran daripada kalender Hijrah kepada kalender solar Iran yang pernah digunakan ketika zaman Cyrus Agung. Pada tahun yang sama, Shah mengumumkan rancangan penjimatan ekonomi yang bertujuan untuk mengurangkan tahap inflasi. Kesannya, ramai rakyat Iran yang hilang pekerjaan dan ramai yang jatuh miskin dan bermigrasi ke kota besar meningkat.

Jimmy Carter, presiden Amerika pada tahun 1977 mengutuskan sebuah peringatan kepada Shah Mohammad mengenai betapa mustahaknya hak kebebasan dan kebebasan berpolitik. Shah kemudiannya membalas peringatan ini dengan mengampuni 357 tahanan politik pada bulan Februari tahun yang sama. Beliau juga turut membenarkan Persatuan Palang Merah untuk melawat penjara tahanan politik. Ini merupakan permulaan liberalisasi oleh Shah. Pihak liberal kemudiannya mengeluarkan seutus surat mengecam rejim beliau.

Tahun yang sama juga turut menyaksikan kematian seorang ahli politik yang penting iaitu Ali Shariati. Beliau adalah seorang pemimpin Islam moden dan kematian beliau didakwa didalangi SAVAK. Pada Oktober pula, putra Khomeini, Mostafa meninggal dunia. Walaupun punca kematian adalah serangan sakit jantung, tetapi terdapat desas desus mengatakan kematian beliau juga merupakan antara rancangan SAVAK

1978: Tercetusnya Revolusi

Bangkangan terhadap pemerintahan Shah dimulai dengan kumpulan-kumpulan liberal daripada kelas pertengahan dan berpusat di kawasan-kawasan bandar. Golongan ini lebih sekular dan mempraktikan Islam secara sederhana. Namun begitu tujuan protes mereka hanyalah supaya kerajaan Shah Mohammad berpegang kepada Perlembagaan Iran 1906, dan bukannya kepada undang-undang Sharia. Mehdi Bazargan adalah antara pemimpin yang paling aktif dalam bangkangan ini. Beliau memimpin Gerakan Iran Merdeka yang berkait rapat dengan bekas perdana menteri Iran, Mohammed Mossadegh. Gerakan ini mendapat sokongan padu dari dalam dan luar Iran.

Ulama-ulama Iran pula terbahagi kepada dua kumpulan iaitu ulama-ulama yang menyokong kumpulan sekular liberal dan kumpulan kedua menyokong gerakan komunis Marxists. Khomeini pula yang ketika itu sedang didalam buangan berkerja keras untuk menyatukan golongan ulama, golongan sekular, liberal dan pembangkang dan meletakkan mereka semua dibawah pimpinan beliau.

Januari 1978: Demonstrasi Pertama

Demonstrasi pertama menentang Shah dimulakan dengan kumpulan mahasiswa Islam dan Anak - Muda pada Januari 1978. Kerajaan Shah mengutuskan pihak tentera untuk menguraikan demonstrasi dan keputusan ini menyebabkan begitu ramai mahasiswa dan Anak - Anak Muda dibunuh dan Mati Bergelimpangan.

Mengikut tradisi Shia, sebuah majlis peringatan dilakukan setelah 40 hari kejadian itu berlaku dan ia dilakukan di masjid-masjid di seluruh Iran. Pada 18 Februari, beberapa demonstrasi dilakukan di seluruh Iran bagi memberi penghormatan kepada korban mahasiswa-mahasiswa itu dan juga untuk memprotes kekejaman Shah. Akhirnya, pergeseran tercetus di Tabriz dan ratusan penunjuk perasaan terbunuh. Perkara yang sama turut terjadi pada 29 Mac dan kali ini di seluruh Iran. Kebanyakan bangunan-bangunan dan pejabat-pejabat milik rejim Shah dirobohkan dan dimusnahkan, dan sekali lagi, ratusan nyawa terkorban.

Mei 1978: Ayatollah Shariatmadari Menyertai Kumpulan Pembangkang

Pada bulan Mei, beberapa pegawai kerajaan menceroboh masuk rumah Ayatollah Kazem Shariatmadari, salah seorang ulama Iran yang cukup berpengaruh. Pegawai kerajaan itu menembak mati salah seorang daripada pengikut Ayatollah Shariatmadari. Sebagai tindak balas, beliau menyertai barisan pembangkang menentang Shah.

Dalam masa yang sama, Shah Mohammad cuba menenangkan kumpulan pembangkang dengan merendahkan kadar inflasi, memohon maaf kepada para ulama dan memecat ketua SAVAK juga menjanjikan pilihan raya umum bebas pada bulan Jun. Tetapi rancangan inflasi yang mengurangkan belanja kerajaan menyebabkan ramai perkerja-pekerja awam terutamanya daripada golongan muda dan kurang mahir dipecat. Pada musim panas 1978, warga buruh ini berarak di jalanan memprotes polisi ini. Pada bulan November berikutnya, pekerja-pekerja lain pula melancarkan mogok dan ini menyebabkan ekonomi iran ketika itu lumpuh.

Shah Meminta Bantuan Amerika

Perbincangan Shah Iran dengan Alfred Atherton, William Sullivan, Cyrus Vance, President Carter, dan Zbigniew Brzezinski, 1977

Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi kini berhadapan dengan situasi revolusi. Lantas, beliau meminta bantuan daripada Amerika untuk menyokong beliau. Amerika pula ketika ini memerlukan Iran kerana ia terletak di Teluk Parsi dan kaya dengan sumber minyak. Malahan, Iran bersempadan dengan Kesatuan Soviet menjadikannya sebuah lokasi yang strategik bagi Amerika kerana ia dapat menolong Amerika dalam Perang Dingin. Namun begitu, imej Shah Iran telah tercemar dengan polisi kerajaan beliau yang mencabuli hak asasi manusia. Duta Amerika ke Iran, William H. Sullivan, menyatakan bahawa Penasihat Keselamatan Amerika, Zbigniew Brzezinski "telah berulang kali menyakinkan Shah Mohammad Reza yang Amerika akan membantu beliau". Presiden Amerika ketika itu,

Jimmy Carter didakwa telah gagal mengotakan janji Amerika ini. Pada masa yang sama, beberapa pegawai tinggi Amerika menyuarakan cadangan bahawa kepimpinan Iran haruslah digantikan bagi meredakan revolusi dan Shah Mohammad Reza haruslah turun takhtah. Tetapi rencana ini terbantut setelah Ayatollah Khomeini mengambil alih kuasa memerintah Iran.

Ogos 1978: Serangan Pembakaran Abadan

Ketika keadaan Iran di dalam kekabutan, sebuah panggung wayang di Abadan, Panggung Wayang Cinema Rex Fire, dibakar menyebabkan 400 nyawa terkorban. Para revolusi menyalahkan SAVAK dan mendakwa badan itu bertanggungjawab terhadap kejadian ini. Mereka mendakwa kebakaran ini sengaja dilakukan untuk menjerat kumpulan revolusi Islam.Keesokannya, seramai 10,000 saudara mara mangsa korban berkumpul di majlis pengebumian sambil melaungkan bantahan mereka terhadap Shah Mohammad.

September 1978: Jumaat Hitam (Black Friday)

Pada bulan September, seluruh negara kini mengalami ketidakstabilan. Protes terhadap Shah menjadi rutin setiap hari. Shah Mohammad pula menguatkuasakan pemerintahan tentera dan melarang semua demonstrasi.

Pada hari Jumaat 8 September, sebuah rusuhan tercetus di Tehran. Kumpulan ulama mendakwa bahawa "ribuan nyawa dibunuh oleh kumpulan zionis". Kumpulan tersebut sebenarnya adalah etnik Kurdi dan jumlah korban pula adalah sekitar 700 nyawa.Sebuah mogok umum dilaksanakan pada bulan Oktober yang terus melumpuhkan ekonomi Iran dan menyebabkan banyak industri utama terpaksa diberhentikan. Pada tahap ini, "takdir Shah Mohammad Reza telah pun ditentukan"

Disember 1978: Protes Muharram

Protes Muharram 1978 terjadi pada bulan Disember tahun yang sama. Pada 2 Disember, seramai dua juta rakyat Iran memenuhi jalan-jalan di Tehran, sekitar Dataran Azadi. Protes adalah untuk mendesak Shah Mohammad turun takhta dan membenarkan Khomeini kembali semula ke Iran.

1979: Shah Melarikan Diri Dan Kejayaan Revolusi

Pada 16 Januari, 1979, Shah Mohammad dan permaisuri beliau meninggalkan Iran atas nasihat perdana menteri beliau, Dr. Shapour Bakhtiar dan beberapa jam kemudian, semua simbol Shah Mohammad dirobohkan oleh penduduk awam. Dr. Shapour kemudiannya membubarkan SAVAK, membebaskan tahanan politik, menjanjikan pilihan raya umum bebas dan membenarkan demonstrasi awam semula.Beberapa hari selepas itu, beliau membenarkan Ayatollah untuk pulang ke Iran. Beliau turut meminta agar kumpulan revolusi lain untuk memelihara semula perlembagaan Iran.

begitu jua lah apa yang kita mesti lakukan di sini, selama 52 tahun kita kena kelentong dek United Malays National Organisation melalui pilihanraya,oleh itu terpulanglah pada seluruh anak muda sama ada mahu terus kena kelentong dalam pilihanraya atau mahu kemenangan melalui Revolusi Jalanraya.Kita anak Muda Harus Bangkit dan Kembalikan semula peristiwa Hartal.

Apa itu Hartal? Apakah Hartal Mampu tumbang UMNO dan B-End? apakata kita lihat sejarahnya!

Peristiwa Hartal dalam sejarah negara kita telah berlaku serentak di semua bandar-bandar besar di Semenanjung Malaysia hingga Singapura pada 20 Oktober 1947.

Ia adalah konotasi daripada gabungan usaha All Malayan Council Joint Action (AMCJA) dan Pusat Tenaga Rakyat (PUTERA) demi membantah Perlembagaan Persekutuan Tanah Melayu (PTM) 1948. Sebelum itu, AMCJA-PUTERA telah menggubal satu perlembagaan untuk Tanah Melayu yang mereka namakan sebagai 'Perlembagaan Rakyat', tapi ditolak oleh pihak British.
Dalam peristiwa Hartal, majoriti kedai telah ditutup selama sehari dan ini menyebabkan segala urusan perdagangan dan jual beli di Tanah Melayu menjadi lumpuh serta mengakibatkan kerugian urusniaga bernilai jutaan ringgit.

Peristiwa ini melambangkan usaha protes terancang yang dikendalikan AMCJA-PUTERA demi memastikan 'suara rakyat' didengari oleh penjajah British.

Meskipun tindakan ini sedikit sebanyak menjejaskan ekonomi dan kepentingan British di Tanah Melayu, namun mereka tetap meneruskan perlembagaan Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, 1948 demi kepentingan Mereka.
Peristiwa Hartal telah diperjuangkan PUTERA-AMCJA dan disokong oleh hampir keseluruhan rakyat Malaya(sekarang Malaysia) bagi menuntut perlembagaan Malaysia sendiri dengan menolak sepenuhnya perlembagaan yang dicipta oleh British dan disokong oleh UMNO pada waktu itu.
Andainya Hartal di kembalikan kita tak tahu entah berapa bilion United Malays National Oraganisation akan rugi sedangkan Demontrasi anti I.S.A saja di laporkan oleh Melalok dan Berita Hairan telah mengalami kerugian berjuta - juta,bagaimana pula sekiranya Hartal dan gerakan demonstrasi di gabungkan.Sudah pastinya kerugiannya akan menjadi berbilion - bilon.
Dan Yang pastinya Haram Jadah United Malays National Organisation akan tumbang menyembah bumi senasib dengan Maharaja Nicholas Tzar ,Raja Reza Pahlevi dan juga dinasti Ching.Oleh itu terpulang lah pada pemimpin - pemimpin anak Muda kerana hanya ini sahajalah jalannya daripada terus nak kena kelentong dalam pilihanraya dan di tindas buat selama - lamanya.

Dipetik dari:

Nafsu Iblis : Hubungan Seks Depan Almari Mayat

MOHAFRI dituduh membunuh isterinya, Fazlina

SHAH ALAM: Pengurus sebuah syarikat katering, Mohafri Mohamed tergamak melakukan hubungan seks dengan kekasihnya di bilik utama yang sama di mana mayat isterinya disumbat ke dalam almari selepas dibunuh.

Teman wanita tertuduh, Nazratul Anis Zainal Abidin, 23, memberitahu Mahkamah Tinggi di sini pada Isnin, selepas masuk dan meletakkan beg pakaian di ruang tamu dia kemudiannya naik ke bilik utama untuk menggunakan tandas. Selepas itu, katanya, Mohafri mengajaknya melakukan hubungan seks.

“Pada mulanya saya tidak mahu, tetapi tertuduh kata sekejap sahaja,” katanya yang mengenali tertuduh sebagai berstatus duda semasa mereka bekerja di Tropicana Medical Centre pada 2009.

Ketika ditanya mengenai kedudukan almari pakaian berkenaan, saksi pendakwaan kelima itu memberitahu, pandangannya tidak jelas kerana tidak memakai cermin mata yang diletakkan di atas kabinet.

Tambah Nazratul Anis, tertuduh juga berkelakuan seolah-olah mahu menghalang pandangannya di bahagian kiri kerana sering berdiri di sebelah kiri dan juga menunggunya keluar daripada tandas.

Saksi menambah, dia tidak melihat perkara luar biasa ataupun mendengar bunyi orang mengerang semasa berada di bilik itu.

Mohafri, 37, yang sebelum ini bekerja sebagai pengurus syarikat katering dibicarakan atas tuduhan membunuh Fazlina, 38, antara pukul 5 dan 10.30 pagi, 30 Disember 2009 di rumah nombor 70, Jalan Pinggiran 2, Taman Pinggiran Ukay, Ampang.

Dia yang diwakili peguam Hisyam Teh Poh Teik dibicarakan mengikut Seksyen 302 Kanun Keseksaan yang memperuntukkan hukuman mati mandatori jika sabit kesalahan.

Mayat Fazlina, ibu kepada dua orang anak itu ditemui dibaluti kain selimut tebal dan diletakkan di bahagian bawah almari pakaian manakala hidung dan mulutnya ditekup dengan menggunakan pita pelekat.

Mangsa juga merupakan seorang penghidap asma kronik.

Terdahulu, saksi berkenaan memberitahu, dia bertolak pada pukul 1 petang dari Parit Buntar, Perak dan tiba di Perhentian Bas Jalan Duta, Kuala Lumpur (dekat sini) pada pukul 5 petang.

Katanya, tertuduh datang menjemputnya dan membawa dia ke sebuah rumah teres dua tingkat di Ampang.

Katanya lagi, selepas mengadakan hubungan seks dia mendengar bunyi loceng dan tertuduh telah mengarahkan saksi untuk mendiamkan diri manakala tertuduh menuju ke arah tingkap.

“Saya ada menyuruh tertuduh membuka pintu kerana mungkin ada sesiapa di luar, mungkin ada pegawai dari Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (JAIS) tetapi tertuduh beritahu ada seorang perempuan memakai seragam polis di luar rumah,” katanya.

Tertuduh semasa itu tidak mahu membuka pintu dan memberi alasan polis itu mencari pembantu rumahnya yang tidak mempunyai dokumen perjalanan diri.

Mengenai hubungan sulit mereka, Nazratul Anis berkata, mereka telah merancang untuk ke sempadan Thailand bagi urusan pernikahan pada hari kejadian pembunuhan itu berlaku.

Katanya, rancangan untuk bernikah di sempadan Thailand dibuat ekoran hubungan mereka tidak direstui oleh bapanya dan tertuduh telah menguruskan segala urusan berkaitan pernikahan.

Sehubungan itu, Nazratul Anis telah menaiki bas daripada Parit Buntar, Perak untuk berjumpa dengan tertuduh sebelum mereka menaiki kereta api ke Perlis.

Selepas keluar dari rumah berkenaan, saksi yang bertubuh kecil molek itu seterusnya memberitahu, mereka dijemput oleh adik Mohafri yang dkenali sebagai Hanafi dengan kereta Proton Wira untuk ke perhentian Transit Aliran Ringan (LRT).

“Saya dan tertuduh menaiki teksi untuk ke KL Sentral kerana kereta api kami bertolak pada pukul 8.15 malam. Sepanjang perjalanan, saya nampak tertuduh sibuk bercakap di telefon bimbit.

“Pada pukul 9 malam, ketika kereta api sampai di stesen Rawang, dekat sini saya dan tertuduh turun. Saya tanya tertuduh kenapa dan dia cakap dia terpaksa buat laporan polis tentang kehilangan Fazlina.

“Saya cakap, apa kaitan dia dengan Fazlina kerana mereka dah bercerai. Dia jawab, "dia orang" yang desak dia untuk buat laporan. Tapi saya tidak tahu siapa yang dimaksudkan dengan ‘dia orang’,” katanya yang ditinggalkan tertuduh dan diarahkan pulang semula ke Kuala Lumpur sendirian.

Bagaimanapun, Nazratul Anis menghubungi rakannya, Nur Ikhwan Abadi Andi Samsinar yang dipanggil Wan agar menjemputnya di stesen kereta api Sungai Buloh.

“Wan bawa saya ke tempat kerjanya kerana dia masih belum habis waktu bekerja sementara saya menunggu di dalam kereta sehingga pukul 10.30 malam. Selepas itu, kami pergi ke rumah tertuduh.

“Masa sampai, kawasan itu telah dikepung oleh polis. Wan buat satu pusingan dan letak kereta di belakang. Wan suruh saya duduk di dalam kereta sambil dia pergi bertanyakan orang.

“Wan kemudian memberitahu saya ada kes suami bunuh isteri,” katanya pada pemeriksaan utama oleh Timbalan Pendakwa Raya Rosidah Abu Bakar.

Saksi itu menambah, dia membuat laporan polis selepas diminta oleh Wan memandangkan dia adalah individu terakhir bersama tertuduh. Di balai polis, dia dibawa ke sebuah bilik untuk diambil keterangan dan telefon bimbitnya dirampas.

Sementara itu, kakak mangsa yang bernama Faezah selaku saksi pendakwaan keenam menangis apabila dirujuk gambar adiknya dan memberitahu dia mula rapat dengan adik bongsunya sejak akhir tahun lalu.

“Fazlina ada memberitahu bahawa dia menghadapi masalah rumah tangga disebabkan orang ketiga dan mereka hendak bercerai,” katanya.

Saksi yang bekerja sebagai penolong jururawat di Pulau Pinang juga memberitahu, kali terkahir dia menghubungi mangsa ialah pada pukul 5.30 pagi, hari kejadian bagi meminta mangsa mengambil cuti kecemasan untuk membawa bapa mereka yang berada di Kulim,Kedah yang sakit.

Perbicaraan di hadapan Hakim Datuk Wira Mohtarudin Baki bersambung 13 Januari depan.

A planet from another galaxy

First glimpse of a planet from another galaxy

WASHINGTON – A hot, gaseous and fast-spinning planet has been found orbiting a dying star on the edge of the Milky Way, in the first such discovery of a planet from outside our galaxy, scientists said Thursday.

Slightly larger than the size of Jupiter, the largest in our solar system, the newly discovered exoplanet is orbiting a star 2,000 light years from Earth that has found its way into the Milky Way.

The pair are believed to be part of the Helmi stream, a group of stars that remains after its mini-galaxy was devoured by the Milky Way some six to nine billion years ago, said the study in Science Express.

"This discovery is very exciting," said Rainer Klement of the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy.

"Because of the great distances involved, there are no confirmed detections of planets in other galaxies. But this cosmic merger has brought an extragalactic planet within our reach."

Astronomers were able to locate the planet, coined HIP 13044 b, by focusing on the "tiny telltale wobbles of the star caused by the gravitational tug of an orbiting companion," the study said.

They used a powerful telescope owned by the European Southern Laboratory at La Silla Observatory in Chile, located at an altitude of 2,400 meters (7,800 feet) some 600 kilometers (375 miles) north of the capital, Santiago.

The planet is quite close to the star it is orbiting, and survived a phase in which its host star went through a massive growth after it depleted its core hydrogen fuel supply, a phase known as the "red giant" stage of stellar evolution.

"This discovery is particularly intriguing when we consider the distant future of our own planetary system, as the Sun is also expected to become a red giant in about five billion years," said lead researcher Johny Setiawan of the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy.

The exoplanet is likely to be quite hot because it is orbiting so close to its star, completing each orbit in just over 16 days, and is probably near the end of its life, astronomers said.

The star may have already swallowed other planets in its orbit, making the star spin more quickly and meaning that time is running out for the surviving exoplanet.

Astronomers were mystified as to how the planet might have formed, since the star contained few elements heavier than hydrogen and helium and planets typically form out of a complex cloud of spinning space rubble.

"It is a puzzle for the widely accepted model of planet formation to explain how such a star, which contains hardly any heavy elements at all, could have formed a planet," said Setiawan.

"Planets around stars like this must probably form in a different way."

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg prefers underdogs

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg predicts great opportunity for entrepeneurs, whereas larger companies could struggle.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg predicts great opportunity for entrepeneurs, whereas larger companies could struggle

San Francisco, California: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg favors the little guy, but that attitude can pose obstacles for popular websites that want to work with his company.

Apple and Google, which are among the biggest technology businesses in the world, find themselves stonewalled at times by Zuckerberg and company. That sometimes results in less functional applications.

Apple launched its music-centric social network, called Ping, as part of an iTunes update that contained a Facebook component. But Apple had to remove integration with the world's largest social network hours after Ping launched. Last week Twitter announced an agreement with Apple's Ping.

Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO, spurned Facebook for what he considered were "onerous terms."

When questioned about this in an interview onstage at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco on Tuesday, Zuckerberg said with a shrug, "It's fine."

Then Zuckerberg pointed out that the two work together in many ways. For example, Facebook's app "is on the vast majority of iPhones," he said at an event earlier this month at Facebook's Palo Alto, California, headquarters.

As for Facebook's relationship with Google, the two are in the midst of a public spat about letting users import and export personal data between the social network and Gmail. Facebook, which launched an email service on Monday, doesn't let users easily migrate addresses to other apps.

Zuckerberg said at the conference on Tuesday that this move was meant to protect the private contact information of a user's friends. He backtracked near the end of that fireside chat and highlighted the data export issue as a potential mistake.

"I've made so many mistakes in running the company so far," he said. "We still make mistakes all of the time." The trouble, he said, is figuring out which of the company's myriad problems "really matter."

Zuckerberg also seemed to distance himself from Google, the undisputed leader in search, last month when Facebook announced a deal with Microsoft's Bing.

"They're just trying to rapidly gain [market] share by doing awesome stuff," Zuckerberg said of Microsoft at the Bing event. "They're really the underdog here."

But Microsoft wasn't spared from criticisms during Tuesday's event. Microsoft, a massive computer software company and an investor in Facebook, has thousands of engineers, Zuckerberg pointed out; Facebook has fewer, and is therefore seen by developers as a more effective and attractive employer, he said.

Zuckerberg makes it known that he has a soft spot for budding entrepreneurs. When asked about "The Social Network" -- the film based on the founding of Facebook -- Zuckerberg boasted of fan mail from people who say his story inspired them to become entrepreneurs.

His mission is to "enable others to build" social networking services, which can be accomplished using Facebook's platform, he said. Small-time developers can freely make use of Facebook's offerings, but larger companies must work directly or be locked out.

Despite amassing 500 million people actively using the service, Zuckerberg still doesn't consider Facebook a giant company. "In some ways, I actually think we're only now entering the zone where a lot of entrepreneurs will consider working with us," he said.

But during Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz's onstage interview earlier Tuesday, she described Facebook as Yahoo's "competition." This sentiment could create even greater disconnects between Facebook's service and popular apps, as is the case with Gmail and Ping.

Without being specific, Zuckerberg derided some large internet companies, saying they won't make it past a social networking revolution.

"Some aren't going to make it," he said on Tuesday. "I think there's an exciting opportunity for some entrepreneurs."

Zuckerberg's advice to "incumbents," as he calls technology giants: "Get on the bus."

But that doesn't mean he's going to make it easy for them to board.

Resource: CNN

Official: Israel to pull out of strategic border town

Israeli soldiers take their positions in the village of Ghajar on November 10, 2010.
Israeli soldiers take their positions in the village of Ghajar on November 10, 2010

Jerusalem : Israel's security cabinet tentatively accepted a plan to withdraw the nation's troops from the strategic border town of Ghajar, one of the Mideast's more complicated locations, Cabinet Secretary Tzvi Hauser said Wednesday.

The Foreign Ministry has been authorized to finalize details with the United Nations as soon as possible, Hauser said in a statement.

Final approval of the plan would bring Israel in line with a U.N. Security Council resolution that ended Israel's war with Hezbollah in southern Lebanon in 2006.

Ghajar was a Syrian village that Israel took control of after the 1967 war and its residents took Israeli citizenship in 1981. In 2000, the United Nations drew the border line between Israel and Lebanon through the middle of village.

During the 2006 war, Israel retook control of the northern half of Ghajar, which it maintains to this day. The town sits on the border between Lebanon and the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

Israel has cited security concerns for its continued control of the northern part of the village.

Under an agreement negotiated with the United Nations, Israeli soldiers would secure the southern part of the village, while U.N. soldiers would assume security responsibility for the northern part.

The villagers in Ghajar say the community of 2,300 belongs to neither Lebanon, nor Israel, but instead is in Syria.

"We demand today the return of al-Ghajar village with both parts, north and south as one village with all its land to Syria," according to village spokesman Najib al Khatib.

Resource: CNN

Iran accuses German journalists of spying

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani was convicted of adultery in 2006 and sentenced to death by stoning.
Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani was convicted of adultery in 2006 and sentenced to death by stoning.

Iran has charged two German journalists who interviewed the son and lawyer of a woman condemned to die by stoning with espionage, Iranian media reported Tuesday.

"Their reports and propaganda in Tabriz proved that they are in the country for spying," Malek Ajdar Shafiee, the head of the Justice Department of East Azarbaijan, was quoted as saying by the semi-official Fars News Agency.

The two men, identified only as a reporter and photojournalist, were arrested last month in the northwest city of Tabriz, Iraq, after they interviewed the son and lawyer of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, who was convicted of adultery in 2006 and sentenced to death by stoning.

The Iranian government also says Ashtiani was involved in her husband's murder, a charge her family has denied.

The charges against the two Germans comes the day after they were shown on Iranian state-run television. The program produced by Iran's Channel 2, quoted one of the men saying that they were "tricked" by an activist with the German-based International Committee Against Stoning, into entering the country illegally.

The unnamed man told the television station that the committee's spokeswoman, Mina Ahadi, used the journalists for her own gain.

"Mina Ahadi sent me to Iran because she knew she would benefit from my arrest, and I'll sue her when I get back to Germany," the man said.

Ahadi denied that the journalists traveled on behalf of the anti-stoning organization.

Meanwhile, a German diplomat based in the embassy in Tehran, Iraq, was granted consular access for a second time Tuesday to the two German nationals, the German Foreign Office said in a statement.

Monday's broadcast also showed a woman identified as Ashtiani. The woman, whose face was blurred and whose words were translated from the Azeri language to Farsi, blamed Ahadi for spreading false information about her case around the world.

Ashtiani's son Sajjad Gaderzadeh and her lawyer Hootan Kian, were also interviewed on the program, the first time they have appeared on television since their arrests last month.

Kian, a government-appointed lawyer, has been critical of the government's handling of Ashtiani's case. He said in August that she was being tortured while in prison and that he also feared for his own life.

Gaderzadeh said Kian had told him that his mother was being tortured. "Unfortunately I listened to them and lied to the foreign media about everything," he said on the program.

This is the third time Ashtiani has appeared on state-run television confessing to the charges of adultery and murder.

"I am a sinner," she said Monday on the program.

The International Committee Against Stoning condemned the televised confession.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran's goal in airing this program is to agitate public opinion against Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani and Mina Ahadi, yet despite all efforts, in and of itself the program is a powerful reflection of the international campaign to save Sakineh," said a statement from the organization.

Iranian courts have said Ashtiani's case is still under review.

Resource: CNN

Apple finally approves Google Voice app

Google Voice allows for cheaper calls to other countries, compared to most telecom rates, and free text messages.

Apple began carrying Google's free voice app for iPhone on Tuesday, after the application hung in limbo for more than a year.

The Google Voice app interfaces with the Web service by the same name. Voice lets users register a new phone number where calls can be forwarded and organizes voice mail, text messages and call logs in a central inbox.

Google submitted its iPhone app in June 2009. Six weeks later, Google said its app still hadn't been approved. At the time, Apple carried a handful of third-party apps that hooked into Google's voice service.

Not long after the U.S. Federal Communications Commission inquired into this public dispute, Apple took down all apps that interface with Google Voice, including one called GV Mobile.

In Apple's response to the FCC, the company expressed concern that these applications replace key functions of the phone and may cause confusion. Apple tests all apps for bugs -- as well as compliance with the company's contentious and somewhat ambiguous rules -- before they are admitted to its online App Store.

Google has other apps for the iPhone, including one for its search engine that allows users to input text, voice or pictures from the phone's camera.

But with no way to get the Google Voice app past Apple's guards, Google created a mobile-optimized website for iPhone and other smartphone owners to use with Voice. However, websites cannot achieve features that apps can, such as system notifications and integration with a phone's address book.

But then Apple suddenly began approving third-party voice apps a couple of months ago. They were mainly pay-per-download programs. Google declined to comment at that time, instead pointing people to the Web version.

On Tuesday, Google's free software appeared in the App Store.

Google already has voice apps for its own Android mobile operating system and for Research in Motion's BlackBerry devices. Those apps work more seamlessly with those phones than the iPhone version.

But in our testing, we found Google Voice for iPhone to be well designed. While calls made through Gmail on a computer are connected over the internet through a technology called VoIP, the iPhone app routes calls through traditional cellular telephony protocols.

Google Voice allows for cheaper calls to other countries, compared to the rates telecoms like AT&T charge, and free text messages. It can also transcribe voice mails into text, although that technology is far from perfect.

Apple has taken verbal beatings this week at the Web 2.0 Summit, a conference in San Francisco, California, frequented by high-tech executives.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt painted Apple's system as "closed," which clashes with his company philosophy, he said in his fireside chat on Monday. "The Android model is very different from Apple's on just about every point," he said.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs said in his most recent earnings call that Schmidt's argument is a sort of smoke and mirrors, and called Android "fragmented."

Jobs took shots at RIM in that call. So RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie joined the fight on Tuesday at the Web 2.0 Summit, echoing Schmidt's sentiment about Apple's policies. He also appeared to express some contempt for Jobs' "sit back and say things" attitude.

But with the Voice app finally available, Apple may be lowering the barrier on the types of software it will allow in its store, and at the same time smoothing its competitive relationship with Google.

Resource: CNN

Eat kangaroo PENIS : Stacey Solomon

Former X Factor contestant Stacey Solomon faced the worst possible start to this year’s I’m A Celebrity – being served up kangaroo penis in the first Bush Tucker Trial of the series.

Stacey Solomon takes part in Who Wants to Eat a Willy on Air (Pic: Rex)
Stacey Solomon takes part in Who Wants to Eat a Willy on Air

Before leaving for jungle camp all ten of the celebrities were forced to take part in the trial to determine where they would spend their first night.

The opening challenge, entitled Terror Vision, saw the celebrities split into two teams – boys vs girls – and compete for a night of luxury, with the losing side facing a night camped out in a make-shift jungle encampment.

PICTURES: I'm a Celebrity get me in a bikini special

Myleene Klass

The trial involved five rounds based on popular TV shows, with Lembit Opik and Kayla Collins first up, playing ‘Hell Hole Kitchen’ where the pair had to stick their hands into boxes and grab the all-important stars which were covered in scorpions, rats and snakes.

Stacey was less than happy at being made to eat kangaroo penis (Pic: Rex)
Stacey was less than happy at being made to eat kangaroo penis

By far the toughest challenge though saw Stacy and Aggro Santos take part in the aptly named ‘Who Wants To Eat A Willy On Air’.

The two celebrities were made to eat a kangaroo penis, with the one who ate it the quickest winning the vital point.

Stacey was less than happy with trial shouting: ’His penis looks smaller than mine’ and later, as she tried to complete the challenge: ‘I’m spitting penis everywhere!’.

The contestants later made their way into the jungle with the group split into two camps – Camp Bruce and Camp Shelia – as the boys and girls remain separated.

The first episode of the new I’m A Celebrity series airs tonight at 9:30pm.


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