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Summer Break Vol.1

From the organisers of YOUTH'10... comes the craziest post festival party!

10 buses. 5 star hotel and private beach. Road trip. Beach party. Weekend getaway. Costs subsidised. A priceless experience on a student budget. Bring your friends and book your rooms before the 15th of June, 2010 to travel on 25th - 27th June 2010.

Believe it!

Dentyne ConfiDance

Hey guys and gals! Ever get that feeling where you want to let loose, and just get up and dance? Well, I’ve found the perfect outlet for you!

Check out the Dentyne ConfiDance Movement at . For just RM 10, you get to join a 2 hour ‘Soul Groove’ dance training by Urban Groove worth RM100! Plus you get a groovy t-shirt and awesome Cadbury goodies to take home.

If you think you can bust a move, show off your talent at the Dentyne ConfiDance competition and boogey your way to winning prizes of up to RM20,000! All you need to do is submit a video of your team’s dance routine at the Dentyne ConfiDance website by 12 July 2010.

I’m going to grab my friends now and start planning a kick-ass routine. You should too!

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KFC Snax

KFC Snax menawarkan pelbagai hadiah!

The KFC Snax portal gives Malaysian youths exclusive local content on fashion, music, games, and we can even earn Snax Points (SP) to redeem free KFC!

If you haven't seen it, prepare to be amazed. What a great move by a favourite fast food brand for Malaysian youths!

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