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Queen joins Facebook : Queen Elizabeth II

Queen joins Facebook

That means there'll be no friending or poking of the 84-year-old, who'll instead be featured in videos, photos and news items alongside fellow royals including Princes William and Harry.

Available from Monday, 'The British Monarchy' Facebook page will enable users of the social networking site to leave messages or comments for Buckingham Palace, as well as find details of royal events happening near to where they live via a nifty app.

Unveiling details of the Queen's latest foray into the 21st century, royal officials said she had personally approved the plan but acknowledged that she hasn't actually used Facebook herself.

In addition to an account on the Flickr photography website, the royal family joined microblogging hub Twitter in 2009 and set up a YouTube channel in 2007.

Buckingham Palace had already set up its own website in 1997, enabling people to apply for palace jobs online, track the royal family via Google Maps or peruse a section devoted to the monarch's prized corgi dogs.

The Queen, said to be 'very enthusiastic' about keeping a finger on the technological pulse, also issued her first podcast of her annual Christmas Day message in 2006.

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