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Fidel Castro warns of nuclear war between US and Iran

Fidel Castro has used a rare speech to warn that the tension between the US and Iran could degenerate into a nuclear holocaust.

Fidel Castro fears that nuclear war is imminent (Allstar)
Fidel Castro fears that nuclear war is imminent (Allstar)

The 83-year-old addressed Cuba's National Assembly on Saturday for the first time since stepping down as president in 2006.

He looked little different from the closing days of his regime as he entered the assembly chamber wearing his trademark fatigues and sporting his familiar straggly beard, as deputies cheered and shouted "Viva Fidel".

Although renowned for his lengthy addresses, he restricted his speech to just ten minutes and ignored Cuba's current financial plight, instead focusing on foreign affairs.

The revolutionary leader revealed that he believes the US and Israel may launch a nuclear attack on Iran, as the dispute about the Tehran government's own nuclear programme continues.

"If war breaks out the current social order will suddenly disappear and the price will be infinitely greater," Mr Castro said.

The veteran politician added that nuclear war would change the world order and that it is up to Cuba and other nations to persuade Barack Obama not to attack Iran or North Korea.

Assembly members appeared to hang on every word of Mr Castro's address, which was broadcast live on television and radio, and many paid glowing tributes to him after the speech.

Fidel handed power to his brother Raul Castro four years ago after falling ill and then disappeared from public view, until making a handful of television appearances last month.

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